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Urgent Actions

Urgent Action: Miller Correa Murdered

We have received news of the tragic assassination of indigenous leader Miller Correa on 14th March 2022 (see next, translation from Qxhab Wala Kiwe – ACIN).

The paramilitary Black Eagles Southwest Bloc claimed responsibility the following day, in a notice that identified by name other social leaders as their next targets, promising a new wave of assassinations with the chilling words “We will return to the social cleansing of the years 2000 to 2004.”

“This morning the body of comrade Miller Correa was identified in the facilities of Medicina Legal in Popayán. According to the information available so far, since 9:00pm on Monday 14th March, a body was reported abandoned outside Lomas de Granada neighbourhood, on the exit to El Tambo; no identification or mobile phone was found in his possession.

Thuthenas had spent Monday morning at a meeting with the CRIC and the AIC. His companions last saw him at 6:40pm in the north of the city, when they were on their way back to their territories of origin. To date, the whereabouts of the protection vehicle assigned by the National Protection Unit are unknown.

Thuthenas Miller Correa, from Tacueyó, represented the Plan for Life (Plan de Vida) Proyecto Nasa in the zonal organisation. He had been an authority of his reserve (resguardo), member of the Alvaro Ulcué Youth Movement, coordinator of CECIDIC, councillor and government secretary of the municipality of Toribío. Only eight days ago his name appeared on a threatening leaflet signed by the ‘Aguilas Negras Bloque Suroccidente de Colombia’ (Black Eagles Bloc of South West Colombia).

We reject this painful new murder of a community leader from our territories. The indigenous authorities are already investigating the circumstances of this atrocious crime.

We accompany the family of comrade Miller in these moments of pain and sadness. We demand respect for life, for our survival as a people. We cannot continue to bury comrades in struggle every week. The war must stop!

Network (tejido) for the Defence of Life and Human Rights

Qxhab Wala Kiwe – ACIN


15th March 2022

The Colombia Solidarity Campaign adds

We urge all readers to write immediately to

President Ivan Duque (email:

and copy in Colombia’s ambassador to the UK (email:

along the following lines:


“Mr. Iván Duque Márquez

President of the Republic of Colombia

Dear Mr. President

We write with urgent concern at the assassination of indigenous leader Miller Correa in Popayán on 14th March 2022, the subsequently claimed by the Aguilas Negras Southwest Bloc.  Aguilas Negras have threatened a fresh wave of assassinations of indigenous and social leaders as a ‘social cleansing’ of the south west of Colombia.

We urge you to

  • Condemn Miller Correa’s assassination in the fullest and most public terms;
  • Give full cooperation and support to the indigenous organisations ACIN and CRIC to secure the defence and security of all indigenous people in Cauca department, most especially their recognised leaders;
  • Commit to a thorough criminal investigation into the Aguilas Negras such that they are brought to justice and made accountable for this and all like assassinations.

Yours (etc)”

Colombia Solidarity Campaign  email:

London, 17th March 2022

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