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No to Transnational Extractivism! No to Planetary Destruction! Solidarity with Frontline Communities! Resistance Continues! – Webinar Saturday October 9th 2021

Photo by London Mining Network:

Saturday October 9th 2021 ,          Webinar   Hosted by Plataforma 12 de Octubre

UK   16:00-18:00 / Colombia   10.00-12:00  / Chile  12:00-14:00 


El Cerrejón Colombia: Empire Reloaded  

Coal extraction in the context of climate change and responses from international solidarity. Speakers: Diana Salazar (PhD Researcher at UCL, Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Trustee of London Mining Network); Richard Solly (Colombia Solidarity Campaign and Co-ordinator of London Mining Network)

The Social Costs of Bauxite Mining in Jamaica.

The depth of the human costs, especially for the poor. Speaker: Donna Mattis (Social activist, member of The People’s Anti-Corruption Movement and The Cockpit Country Warriors).

South America’s Neocolonial Carbon Bomb

Oil and gas production led by ExxonMobil and other corporations in the deep water Stabroek Block risks regional environmental destruction and is a huge step in the wrong direction towards global warming. Speaker: Melinda Janki (International lawyer challenging oil and gas production offshore Guyana).

BHP Impacts in Latin America.

The world’s biggest mining corporation responsible for destruction in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru.Speaker: Javiera Martínez (Member of the London Chilean Assembly, London Mining Network and South American Amnesty International UK team).

We charge transnational corporations with genocide and ecocide the length and breadth of Latin America and the Caribbean. Unless corporate fossil fuel extraction is stopped the planet faces meltdown.

Oil companies BP, Exxon and Shell, and mining corporations AngloAmerican, BHP, Glencore, Rio Tinto are major contributors to carbon emissions and hence global warming.  The City of London is a global hub for these ‘planetary death machines’.  We have a special responsibility to break up their destructive power.

The UK government’s claim to be a world leader on climate change is duplicitous bluster.  It is in bed with the multinationals. We urge a completely different international connection based on social and environmental solidarity. 

In the run-up to COP 26, the environmental movement in the UK needs to connect with and support movements in the global South on the frontline of battles to save the planet.

This panel event is part of the 12 October Platform week: Neocolonialism Must Fall!

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