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BP Pre-Hearing

It´s Oil, Stupid!

22 June 2007 Conference “Corporate Crime, Environment and Communities”
23 June 2007 Preliminary Public Hearing on BP’s Corporate Crimes in Colombia

supporting social movements in Colombia confronting oil corporations.

Held at Strathclyde University
Graham Hills Building
50 George Street
Glasgow, G1 1QE
Map & Directions

Registration required.


The social movement in Colombia has formed a chapter of the Permanent Peoples Tribunal (PPT) and is holding a programme of sector tribunals focusing on multinationals and human rights. The first tribunal on the food and agriculture sector took place in Bogot? 1 and 2 April 2006, a second tribunal on the mining sector has just been held in Medell?n on 10 and 11 November 2006. Both these events have brought together popular mobilisation and research to highlight abuses by the relevant multinationals (see reports in Frontline Latin America Nos 4 and 5 respectively).

The PPT will hold a tribunal on the oil and gas sector in Colombia on 3-5 August 2007. This date is important symbolically as it falls on the third anniversary of the assassination of three social movement leaders in Arauca by the army, Arauca is one of the main oil producing areas. The PPT have invited supporting organisations in the home countries of the three biggest corporations Occidental (USA); Repsol YPF (Spain) and BP (UK) to hold preliminary public hearings in the run up to the full tribunal. The Colombia Solidarity Campaign has been asked to convene the preliminary hearing on BP.

Programme outline

Friday 22 June 2007 – Conference ?Corporate Crime, Environment and Communities?

Talks, workshops and films on the following themes:

* Political economy of natural resource extraction.
* Communities, the Environment and Big Oil
* Linking continents
* Climate Change ? From debate to action
* Corporate Social Responsibility or Accountability

Saturday 23 June 2007 – Preliminary Public Hearing on BP?s Corporate Crimes in Colombia

Testimonies will be given by witnesses from Colombia (written English translations available) and BP will be invited to present their defence. Delegates are encouraged to contribute with their conclusions to the pre-hearing Declaration.

A. 10 am Introduction (half hour)
Arrangements, Technical Panel, Witnesses, Draft Declaration, Sessions
B. 10.30 am Main Sessions
I The Oil Sector in Colombia (60 mins)
People?s History of Oil in Colombia
The Oil Sector Today
Break (15 mins)
II. BP Controversial Arrival in Casanare (60 mins)
The Allegations Against BP 1996/97:
The Impact on Social Movement and NGOs
Lunch (75 mins)
III. 2pm The Pipeline (60 mins)
Farmers in north east Antioquia
USO Oil workers union
Break (15 mins)
IV. Human Rights and Environment in Casanare Today (60 mins)
Environmental cases
Human Rights cases
Break (15 mins)
C. 4.30 pm Summing Up
Prosecution case
Defence case
Space for BP to respond
D. 5.15 pm Agreement of Declaration
5.30 pm Ends


Registration is required for this event. Registrations can be made here.

Organised by

Colombia Solidarity Campaign   Platform   SEAD   Spinwatch

For further information contact

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