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Global mobilisation for Mother Earth - 12th October

517 YEARS OF RESISTANCE 12th October 2009 is an international day of protest in solidarity with indigenous people and against global warming - a "Global mobilisation for Mother Earth"

Come and join us to support the "Minga" of indigenous resistance called by the Coordinadora Andina de Organizaciones Indigenas (CAOI). We support the struggle of Latin American native peoples and protest against the Free Trade Agreement with the European Union and agro-fuels.


Aida Quilcu? ? walking the word

Aida Quilcué – walking the word
Indigenous minga arrives in london!

"My very wise father used to say ‘when
we have to cry we will do it together,
together we will feel the pain, we
don't cry like cowards, we resist' "
Aida Quilcué

Twelve Die in Another Massacre in Awa Indigenous Community in Colombia, Including 5 Children

Masked gunmen burst into a house in Gran Rosario indigenous reserve, Narino department, South Colombia, and opened fire indiscriminately, killing 12 community members including 5 children younger than ten years old, amongst them an eight-month old baby.

La Rosa Nestle Food Worker and Leader of Sinaltrainal in Colombia Killed at his Home

August 24, 2009 
It is with deep sorrow that we announce that on 21 August 2009, at approximately 6:30 PM, strangers arrived at the home of La Rosa SA Nestlé worker and member of the Township SINALTRAINAL Dosquebradas GUSTAVO GOMEZ, knocked on the door and when GUSTAVO GÓMEZ opened it, he was shot 10 times. He was immediately brought to the Comfamiliar clinic where he died hours later.

African descent community faces eviction by Anglo Gold Ashanti in Colombia


From the human rights team of the Process of Black Communities and other organisations:

6th August is the date fixed for the eviction of the black community in La Toma, in the Suárez municipality in north Cauca, Colombia. La Toma´s Afro-descendant inhabitants have been declared ´squatters in bad faith´ in a legal possession order taken out by Raúl Fernando Ruiz Ordoñez and Jesús Sarria. Yet the presence of black communities on these lands dates from 1636, since when they have worked small gold mines which is today the only means of subsistence for hundreds of families.

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London Mining Network


The London Mining Network (LMN) is an alliance of human rights, development and environmental groups. We pledge to expose the role of companies, funders and government in the promotion of unacceptable mining projects.

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