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Cane cutters: on the edge of a historic victory

by José Antonio Gutiérrez D.  Sunday, 16 November 2008

On 15 September 12,000 cane cutters from Cauca and Valle de Cauca decided to go on strike to protest the inhuman working conditions in sugar refineries, demanding that indirect contracting through [sub-contractors misleadingly named] ‘Workers' Co-operative Associations' be ended. They also insisted on wage improvements, as the refinery employers have experienced huge profit increases due to the trade in ethanol without this having any kind of positive impact on the wages of the cane cutters.


Corteros de Ca?a: a las puertas de una victoria hist?rica

por José Antonio Gutiérrez D. Sunday, Nov. 16, 2008

El 15 de Septiembre, 12.000 corteros de caña del Valle de Cauca y de Cauca, decidieron ir a huelga protestando por las condiciones inhumanas de trabajo en los ingenios azucareros, exigiendo el término de la contratación indirecta mediante Cooperativas de Trabajo Asociado y exigiendo también mejoras salariales, ya que los empresarios azucareros han aumentado enormemente sus ganancias a causa del negocio del etanol, sin que esto haya tenido ninguna clase de impacto positivo en los salarios de los corteros.


Minga Demands

The Minga's five principal demands are:

?We are here to wake up Colombia!?

The Minga arrives in Bogotá, protests across Colombia and in several capitals


Minga ? We Are With You!

Minga - we are with you! Was the message of an emergency picket of the Colombian embassy in London on Friday 21 November.


emergency picket of the Colombian embassy in London on Friday 21 November


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