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Tuesday, 30 June 2009 01:05

COLOMBIA SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN 10am – 5.30pm 4th July 2009

School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Brunei Building, Thornhaugh St, London WC1

Current situation in Colombia and Britain

The Minga of  Indigenous and Popular Resistance




“My very wise father used to say ‘when we have to cry we will do it together, together we will feel the pain, we don’t cry like cowards, we resist’ ”

Aida Quilcue, Interview April 2009

Aida Quilcue, former Councillor of the CRI (Consejo Regional Indígena de Cauca) and spokeswomen of The Minga of Indigenous and Popular resistance has been victim of the Colombian State more than once. On 16th December 2008 her husband, Edwin Legarda, was assassinated by the Colombian armed forces - a crime that remains unpunished, as do many other human rights violations in a country in which impunity reigns. On 12th May 2009 Aida’s 12 year old daughter narrowly escaped an attack by four armed gunmen who lay in wait outside their home.

This has not prevented Aida from going on with the fight and resistance of the indigenous people, participating actively in the Minga and fighting against impunity and power abuses. Today she is being persecuted again, at the beginning of June the public prosecutor's office issued an arrest warrant against her and other indigenous leaders. The charges: having carried out a process within the Especial Indigenous Jurisdiction against a member of the armed forces that has infiltrated in The Minga illegally. This jurisdiction is recognised by the Colombian constitution and the process has been carried out legally and publicly. The arrest warrant prevents her leaving the country and therefore she was not able to come to the UK to bring her message in a visit that was already scheduled.

We want to transmit Aida’s message - the authorities can stop persons, but they cannot stop our voices!


Bolivian and Latin American Dance 4th July from 6pm

Arch INKA, 202 Coldharbour Lane, SW9  Entrance £5/ £10


PROGRAMME  Saturday 4th July, SOAS

9.30am Registration

10am - 1pm   Introduction

Colombian social movements vs Uribe’s ever more reactionary project

Speakers:        Carlos Cruz (Polo Democrático UK)

                        Andy Higginbottom (Colombia Solidarity Campaign)

                        Javier Sánchez (CaisMaloka)


Battles facing the Colombian and Latin American community

Speakers:        Einstein Durango (sacked union activist)

Family member of John Freddy Suarez Santander (campaign against deportation).

1pm - 2pm Lunch Break

2pm – 5pm  The Minga, Indigenous and Popular Resistance

Film clips of Minga and video message from Aida Quilcue

Indigenous Resistance in the Andes and Amazon - Themes

Speakers:      G. Saavedra: on the indigenous movement in Colombia;Bolivia Solidarity Campaign;Movement of Ecuadoreans in the UK;Sofia Buchuk Peruvian cultural activist 


Action Proposals, Debate, Notices


Traditional Bolivian Dance workshop and dance. Live Folkloric Bolivian Music
DJ, Peruvian and Ecuadorian dance, Colombian music
Traditional Bolivian Dishes:  Picante de Pollo, Chicharron y Ensalada de Quinua (Quinoa)

Venue: ARCH INKA  202 Coldharbour Lane, SW9  Between Brixton and Camberwell Green.          

By Loughborough Junction Overground (Line Sutton-Luton, 2 minutes from Elephant and Castle and 10 minutes from King Cross).

Buses 24 hours (P4, 35, 45 & 345). Free parking.


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