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Wednesday, 19 November 2008 15:59

Media coverage: Indigenous and Popular March heads for Bogotá


Plan de Agresión Cauca  Spanish 6.30 mins

Indigenous Protests in Colombia English 2 mins

Two dead, 100 hurt in Colombian clashes  3mins

Riots break out in Colombia 1:30

October 23, 2008: Colombia's indigenous protest against Uribe
Thousands gather for 62-mile march to demand justice and land

La fuerza pública nos asesinan y exigen disculpas  3.25 min Spanish

Colombian authorities shoot at indigenous protesters  4mins

CNN Video may show Colombian police firing shots during protest 3.13 mins

Traditional Colombian justice 2:22
CNN's Karl Penhaul shows what happened to a captured soldier, as confrontation grows between Colombia's army and Indians.

Hollman Morris Contra Via Spanish 9.25 min  26/10/2008
Casas Indigenas

Hollman Morris Uribe in La Maria 3 parts 27 mins  (parts 2 and 3)

Protestas contra Alvaro Uribe en Washington, DC - 1 de 2