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Boycott Coca Cola

The International Boycott of Coca Cola started on the 22 July 2003. It was called by SINALTRAINAL (Colombian Food and Drinks Workers’ Union). It is supported by the World Social Forum, and by the CUT and the CGTD (principle trade union federations in Colombia), and numerous social organisations around the world.

Coca Cola stand accused of complicity in the assassination of 8 Sinaltrainal trade union leaders in Colombia since 1990. Many other leaders have been imprisoned, tortured, forcibly displaced and exiled. Of course, Coca Cola deny any responsibility for the murders, pointing out that 100s of union leaders are killed every year in Colombia. However, many of Sinaltrainal’s victims were killed inside Coca Cola plants while negotiating collective agreements. Coca Cola management were reported in the national press as meeting and contracting members of the AUC death squads to “sort out their labour problems”.

So why the boycott? Sinaltrainal have exhausted all the legal avenues in Colombia, where their applications to the courts have been manipulated and rejected. However, in the USA, in a court case brought in solidarity with Sinaltrainal by the United Steel Workers Union, a judge has ruled that there is enough evidence for a case to continue against Coca Cola’s Colombian subsidiaries. However, the multinational refuses to cooperate with the union, and the violent repression continues. Coca Cola are also suing the union for libel. The boycott and international campaign are powerful but dangerous weapons, the workers in Colombia know that they will bear the brunt of the repression for highlighting these facts. They deserve your solidarity.

“We ask Coca Cola to stop killing, and you to stop drinking Coke”
Carlos Julia, Sinaltrainal

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Also, read SINALTRAINAL'S declaration on the boycott. Download the declaration.



NEW: International Solidarity and the Coca-Cola boycott

Justice for Colombia, the TUC’s solidarity project with Colombian trade unions, recently published an article named “No support for Coca-Cola Boycott” (Justice for Colombia, Trade Union Delegation to Colombia, November 2004). The article is notable as much for the inaccuracy of its content as for the gratuitous style of writing, the disingenuity of the opinion presented and what would seem to be deliberate distortion and misrepresentation of fact designed to undermine support for Sinaltrainal (National Union of Workers in the Food and Drinks Industry) the Colombian union who launched the International Campaign against Coca-Cola.

Sinaltrainal have asked the Colombia Solidarity Campaign to respond to this article in light of several very public attacks against their reputation and their activities by members of the Justice for Colombia organisation (JFC) over recent months. [read our response to Justice for Colombia]

Killer Coke vs. The Truth: A Response to Denials and Distortions

The Coca-Cola Co. is sending standard letters to all who write complaining about its human rights abuses, its failure to provide safe workplaces and its collaboration with paramilitary terrorists who seek to destroy the SINALTRAINAL union in Colombia. Here is the truth to Coke's denials: [read the full text]

Boycott Coca-Cola Petition

You can help to bring pressure to bear on Coca-Cola by downloading our petition and getting as many people to sign it as possible. Please return completed petition sheets together with any donations received to the address on the bottom of the petition. Any cheques should be made payable to the Colombia Solidarity Campaign. Download the petition.

Draft Model Trade Union Resolution

If you belong to a trade union, you could help to show your solidarity with Colombian workers by getting your branch (or higher level) to make a resolution in support of SINALTRAINAL and condemning Coca-Cola. Download draft trade union resolution.

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