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    minero-web.gifMineworkers in Colombia have been the targets of death threats and assassinations for being trade unionists.

    Small-scale gold and emerald miners have been murdered so that wealthy landowners and foreign companies can get their hands on mining concessions.

    State-owned mining operations have been sold off to multinationals at a fraction of their true value at the insistence of the International Monetary Fund.

    African-Colombian, Indigenous and other rural farming communities have been forced off their land and deprived of their livelihood to make way for the activities of British-based and other mining multinationals.


  • BP   ( 8 Articles )

    The Colombia Solidarity Campaign is committed to exposing BP's corporate crimes in Colombia. These have included environmental damage, arming and training local police forces in counter-insurgency methods, collusion with paramilitaries and refusing to compensate thousands of peasants forced off their lands by the activities of BP.


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    boycottcoke-web.gifCoca Cola and Nestlé both stand accused of serious human rights violations in Colombia. While Nestlé sack union members, Coca Cola kill them. Paramilitary Death Squads, acting under orders from Coca Cola management, have assassinated 8 trade union leaders in their workplaces. The union, SINALTRAINAL, has responded by calling for an international boycott of Coca Cola and all of their products, to start on 22 July 2003.



London Mining Network


The London Mining Network (LMN) is an alliance of human rights, development and environmental groups. We pledge to expose the role of companies, funders and government in the promotion of unacceptable mining projects.