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Bulletin archive - Bulletin Issue3 October?December 2001
Tuesday, 09 September 2008 13:25
Colombian women in London are better informed than men with respect to PLAN COLOMBIA, according to a survey carried out by the Colombia Solidarity Campaign, which also found that 50% of the British people surveyed had heard talk of the Plan. Of the 80% of Colombians who said they know what Plan Colombia is, 62.5% consider that it is negative for the people, 25% believe that it is positive and the rest are undecided, while of the 70% of men who are acquainted with the Plan, 76.9% say that it is bad and only 15.4% believe that it is good for the country.

Other nationalities resident in Great Britain (France, Morroccoo, Spain and Cuba) showed at 57% that they are better informed than the British, who are divided between the 50% who have heard of Plan Colombia and 50% who know absolutely nothing about it. Of those who say that they know of the Plan, 50% say that it is good, 25% say that it is bad and 25% don’t have an opinion, though amongst residents of other nationalities backing for the Plan is only 14.5% and 71% consider it prejudicial to the interests of Colombians.

When the survey respondents were asked for the causes of the current conflict in Colombia, 96.4% of cColombians in Britain placed responsibility on the Colombian government and mentioned other reasons, such as inequality, lack of health, education, employment, democracy and the violation of human rights by the state, while 3.5% blamed the guerrillas and the paramilitaries.

The study was carried out by surveying 150 people in different places where the community meets in London, as well as field work during the summer People’s Carnival held by Noticias nespaper and during a visit to the beach in the east of England.


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