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Bulletin archive - Issue11 - October ? December 2003
Wednesday, 01 October 2003 01:00


We held a day of action on 13 September. The pitch was at St. Enoch's - in Glasgow's busiest shopping street - and Globalise Resistance collected more than 300 signatures to the petition to Glasgow City Council to remove Coca Cola vending machines from public buildings - including schools - in the city and over 200 pledges never to drink the stuff again! We also handed out various recent urgent actions and briefings from taken from Campaign mailings.

Various stalls included WDM Scotland and a "knock-all-the-Coke-bottles-down" fairground-style attraction - effective in drawing in the younger element (still wielding their Big Macs in their free hands). And a neighbouring busker's sound system was put to good use for haranguing shoppers... So all in all a successful day out!



Activists have been collecting signatures from the public in Commercial Road (picture) and at the Southsea Common Multicultural Festival.



The very successful “War Resistance and the Struggle for Human Rights” conference was co-hosted by 12 July Bristol Stop the War Coalition and the Campaign. 200 people came, there was a lot of local media coverage, interesting speakers, (Eric Herring on Iraq, David Raby on Venezuela, George Galloway MP, and the Muslim Association of Britain), and a great party.

Martin & Mario


London members have elected a new committee. We have been leafletting at concerts. On 20 September we went to the Peace Market in Chiswick. A lot of support, and people from Latin America were especially pleased to see a campaign on the streets of London.



On 20 September, the South Wales campaign joined forces with the Cardiff Red Choir to publicise the boycott in the busy St Mary’s Market area of the city. Members of the campaign handed out flyers as the choir inspired passers by with Latin American songs of resistance. The event marked the Red Choir’s 25th birthday, and BBC Wales turned up, helping to spread the message about Coke to Welsh-speakers everywhere!




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