Colombia Solidarity Campaign

- Fighting for Peace with Justice -


Issue10 - April - June 2003

Colombia Solidarity No 10

April–June 2003

"Oil, our other Colombian addiction"


Pacifist groups demonstrated on Monday against the Occidental oil company, which they accused of benefiting from and actively participating in Colombia's armed conflict. With placards that read "Oil, our other Colombian addiction" and "The U.S. gives the arms, Colombia provides the dead" some 200 activists marched on the headquarters of Occidental Petroleum in Los Angeles.


Uribe's YES to War ? The People Say NO!


Álvaro Uribe explained last night the reasons why his government backs the use of force in Iraq, saying "Colombia has asked for the world’s help to defeat terrorism and we cannot deny our support to the fight to defeat terrorism wherever it appears". El Tiempo 21 March


Editorial: Uribe Opts for War and Invites Intervention


The US/UK invasion of Iraq and Colombia's civil war are part of the same story; two fronts in the global war to dominate the world's people and its resources.

The six Latin American countries that support the US intervention in Iraq are themselves either receiving US military aid, or are negotiating a Free Trade Agreement with the US -they are Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Panama. Colombia’s President Álvaro Uribe Vélez is the only South American leader who supports the war on Iraq. And, remarkably, his government invites intervention into Colombia.


SINTRAEMCALI ? Moment of Decision


If there is anyone on the front line in the stuggle against capitalism it is the SINTRAEMCALI workers and their leaders. Their fight to stop the privatisation of water, electricity and telephone services provided by EMCALI municipal corporation is not a simple labour dispute, it is about the values on which society should be run.


Out to the Streets!


Uribe is in Cali Again

24th March was a bank holiday Monday in Cali. A day when all the men and women working at EMCALI, EICE, as well as their partners, joined togther in Plaza Caicedo to await the results of the meeting taking place in the Military Base between the President of the Republic, "Super" Eva Maria Uribe, SINTRAEMCALI, the mayor and various citizen's watchbodies and associations.

It was not a public event, everything had been organised by word of mouth from the previous Friday. That day the union had received a threatening letter from director Lourdes Salamanca advising that President Uribe did not recognise the accord signed on 18th March establishing a timetable for negotiations between all the parties. Salamanca had insisted and that the corporation's future would be decided by Uribe on 24th March.


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