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Coca Cola Boycott launched in Belfast

One of the best known bars in Belfast "The John Hewitt Bar and Restaurant" in Donegal Street has responded to an international call from trades unionist in Colombia to boycott Coca Cola after a number of workers in plants bottling Coca Cola were murdered. On Saturday 11th October a statement was given to customers in the bar which read:

"The John Hewitt Bar & Restaurant

Following a call from the Colombian Food & Drinks Workers Union SINALTRAINAL, The Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre and the John Hewitt Bar have decided to support the boycott and have removed Coca Cola from its shelves.

The call was made because of unjust and violent treatment of union workers in Coca Cola plants in South America which has resulted in the deaths of several union workers"

The response of customers in the John Hewitt, which has won numerous awards over the last few years since it opened was overwhelmingly positive.

The Hewitt boycott is the first official response in Ireland to the call from the Colombian trade union but students in University College Dublin are voting on a referendum on the issue on Monday and Tuesday 13th &14th October and if the vote is carried it means that the largest student campus in Ireland will stop selling Coca Cola in its outlets. Supporters of are working to spread the boycott further afield in the hope that the Coca Cola company will be forced take steps to prevent further murders of workers in their bottling plant subsidiaries in Colombia.

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