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Cali, Colombia 4/08/00

SINTRAEMCALI, Cali, Colombia, is yet again suffering as a result of its attempts to defend public services, rebuild the social fabric of the community, and fight against corruption. We are particularly concerned for the lives and well-being of Ruben Enrique Calvo Zuiga (Identification no C.C16793842), Carlos Alberto Lozada (Identification no C.C16659 269), and Freddy Hernado Salinas Muoz (Identification no C.C16799 246)all SINTRAEMCALI members. In recent months the company EMCALI where the employees work has begun a recuperation plan which involves the co-administration of the company by the Public Services Superintendency, and the trade union SINTRAEMCALI. All of the workers named above are part of the plan, and have been working hard to try to root out corruption amongst some of the directors. As a result of their work in detecting and reporting corruption they and their families have been subjected to an onslaught of death threats. On the 11th of July they received a call from an unidentified person that he had just heard in a corridor of the company that this week (11-15th of July) there is going to be an assassination attempt against your lives, and he gave the names of Ruben Enrique Calvo Zuiga, Carlos Alberto Lozada, and Freddy Hernado Salinas Muoz. Yesterday, August 3, 2001 Ruben Enrique Calvo Zuiga received a Suffragio (a letter of condolence for his death) in his house in San Antonio, Cali. It stated that This is the first and only warning, you have until the 17th of August to leave EMCALI otherwise you and your family boom.

We call on the international community to send messages of protest, and call for the protection of the lives of these workers, and other members of SINTRAEMCALI, whose only crime is to struggle to rebuild the social fabric of society, fight against corruption, and defend public services in the region.

Please copy and send the following letter to the President of Colombia (below in Spanish and English), to Doctor Andres Pastrana Arango, President of Colombia, your own government, and any other places you think appropriate to assist in the protection of the legitimate rights of trade unionists in Colombia, who are suffering attacks of a genocidal nature.

Department of Human Rights, SINTRAEMCALI Cali Colombia

PROTEST ACTION Doctor Andres Pastrana Arango President of the Republic, Palacio de Narino, Santafe de Bogota DC

Dear Sir,

We the international community are concerned about the terrible conditions, death threats, and assassinations that the Colombian Trade Union movement is suffering from in Colombia.

We call for

a) protection for trade unionists under threat

b) the removal of state impunity from those carrying out the assassinations

c) real steps to dismantle the far-right paramilitary groups.


Doctor Andres Pastrana Arango President of the Republic, Palacio de Narino, Santafe de Bogota DC

Nosotros la Comunidad Internacional, estamos muy preocupados por las terribles condiciones y amenazas de muerte y asesinatos de sindicalistas colombianos. Nosotros exigimos:

a) La seguridad y proteccin para los sindicalistas amenazamos.

b) Solicitamos que los crimenes y amenazas a activistas de dirigentes sindicalistas y activistas no queden en la absoluta impunidad.

c)Que exista una poltica de compromiso para acabar con los grupos paramilitares.

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