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Purpose and Objectives of the Colombia Solidarity Campaign

The Colombia Solidarity Campaign is an anti-imperialist organisation, campaigning for a socially just and sustainable peace in Colombia based on respect for the human rights and diversity of the Colombian people. The Campaign actively opposes PLAN COLOMBIA. Our specific objectives are:

  • to oppose any US, British or foreign military intervention, believing that this will only escalate the problems in Colombia
  • to oppose the policy of fumigation, and work for a solution to the coca problem based on the real needs of the people
  • to draw attention to the role that is played by Multinational Corporations in violating workers rights and exploiting both the people and the environment of Colombia
  • to draw attention to the horrific human rights situation in Colombia, and that the overwhelming majority of atrocities can be attributed to the action of the army, police, Colombian state organisms and the paramilitaries, which together constitute a policy of Colombian state terror
  • to oppose the criminalisation of social protest.

The Campaign recognises the collusion between the Colombian government, the armed forces and the paramilitary death squads, and calls for an end to the impunity that this creates.

We actively campaign through multiple strategies, and give a platform, coordination and support to Colombian organisations and individuals working for the above objectives.

We also support the right of Colombian refugees to asylum, and campaign actively to defend them.